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Our history gives us an expert perspective
Founded in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1998, SenEarthCo® was created by association managers for association managers. Founder Kim Carlson and CEO Mike Egelston wanted to give managers tools to handle maintenance requests, architectural control issues, vendor bids, and communication via newsletters, agendas, minutes, and calendars. Because they juggled the needs of multiple associations, they needed a management system that would automate tasks and put detailed information online. This turnkey system solves the frustrations and limitations of traditional office management systems.

What is SenEarthCo®?
SenEarthCo™ is an internet-based association management system. It enables homeowners, property managers, board members, and service providers to communicate quickly and efficiently. Property information, management, and accounting services are online and available in real time.

SenEarthCo® provides community intranets to people in common interest communities, homeowners' associations, condominiums, co-ops, and planned unit developments.

Custom-designed to match industry requirements, SenEarthCo® dramatically improves efficiency, speed, and communication.
What can SenEarthCo® do for you?
SenEarthCo™ reduces the number of phone calls and the amount of paperwork required to provide property information and related services. You can read monthly financials, create and track maintenance requests, and access community information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The SenEarthCo™ Homeowner Concierge Services and Board Member Preferred Vendors provide a key to maintaining the value of your property. There are many more features to simplify your workday. Property management has never been easier or more accessible, whether you are a board member, a homeowner, or an association manager.

Where'd we get our name?
SenEarthCo™ (pronounced "sen ûrth' ko") means Sensible Earth Communities.

Sensible—Our method of management is practical and reasonably priced and takes into account environmental factors involved in making important property decisions.

Earth—the place that we live and the planet that sustains us.

Communities—how we live and with whom we live.

SenEarthCo™ is Sensible Earth Communities. It is who we are and how we do our work.