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CAMMetrix is an exciting benchmarking system specifically designed for the association management industry. Benchmarking through CAMMetrix allows association management firms to track their performance against other businesses like them. Completely anonymous and without fee-specific data that might compromise anti-trust laws, the system provides a methodology for looking at your performance by budget line item relative to other management companies like yours. You can choose regions of the country, size of portfolio and type of communities served in order to customize your results for more accurate analysis.

Sponsored by the Alliance of Community Association Managers (ACAM-CEO) and a group of their business partners, CAMMetrix is currently a free service. You can create an account through the ACAM-CEO website and enter your data at any time. The current system is using annual financial information with the hope that as we get additional users into the system we may be able to semi-annual or quarterly data. CAMMetrix is only as useful as the data that we get from YOU! The more data we acquire, the better the output from the system. After you create your account and enter data, you can begin reviewing the reports in the system and checking back from time to time to see more data as more companies enter their information.

CAMMetrix has developed a standardized chart of accounts that you can use in your own company, or simply enter your data in the fields that are the same as your existing accounting system. The standardized chart of accounts is an attempt to offer a General Ledger list that can be used across the country but there may be some variation between companies. We have included definitions with the line items in order to get as accurate as possible for both methods of entry. Questions can be directed to  and will be responded to as quickly as possible.

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